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Glasgow's Cabinet Makers

M2 Vintage


Libraries are a passion of ours  coupled to our love of literature. A well designed and unique library is a statement in a house. As Plato agreed when he penned “A house that has a library in it has a soul”.

We design custom-built libraries that blend with the style of your home. Meeting with you allows us to chat through what you need, what you envisage and importantly a design that reflects your particular needs. A library is a significant addition to a home and one that merits consideration. We are on hand to talk you through the design process and offer advice from our own experience.



Cabinetry can be loosely defined as bookcases, alcove cabinets, home offices and a myriad of other styles and designs. Over the years we have become somewhat adept at designing cabinetry to fit into unusual spaces. It’s become our forte and something we relish the challenge of.

Unlike some of the larger designers, we aren’t constrained by using outsourced doors and cases. We design and manufacture cabinetry to a specific and tailored size which allows you to utilise a space, even an unusual one.



Individually designed wardrobes to suit your clothes, accessories and of course unmentionables such as duvets and suitcases. Everyone needs a place for these

Creating a beautifully designed wardrobe with the maximisation of available space is the foundation of our bespoke wardrobes. Especially so with wardrobes there’s a definite personalisation about them. Every person has their own vision of what works best for them. We work closely with you to develop this concept into a unique wardrobe.