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We are traditional cabinet makers. All of our cabinetry is designed and hand made in our Rutherglen workshop and whilst the majority of our clients are based in our home town, we also provide our services to the surrounding areas.

Unique and completely bespoke is what we offer you. We don’t outsource anything. Everything is entirely handmade by us therefore we aren’t limited to a range of styles, materials or sizes. Instead we tailor our cabinetry to each client’s individual needs.

We use the highest quality materials to hand make each cabinet to order. Every project is seen through from initial cutting list to completed installation by us.

We welcome you to come and visit our workshop if you’re interested.


Commissioning anything bespoke can be unnerving. The vast majority of our work is generated through recommendations from previous clients. We provide a personable and friendly service

We typically arrange a first appointment to meet you, say hello, chat through what you plan and suggest some ideas based on our experience- we take dimensions and notes and a few days later we send our proposals for the project and of course- costs


Pressure selling is the complete antitheses of how we approach new enquires- we believe people will make their own decision whether to call back or not- that we don’t follow up proposals is not disinterest- we simply believe if you are interested- you will call- we are always there to pick up the phone (or usually your email)


If you decide to accept our proposals, we aim to provide a realistic date when your project can be started and ultimately installed- we will always be candid about this- we do work very hard to keep Clients happy and almost always manage it


Install on Site at your home is usually over a few days- dependent on the scope of the project- we try were possible to build as much of the project in the Workshop- this minimises work on site- when we arrive, we are both courteous and tidy and try to make the whole process as smooth as possible


We remain a small established two-man Cabinet Making business and pride ourselves on being both personable and helpful- some would suggest that after all this time we expand but to do so I believe will change the very soul of what we are- Small and dedicated

We believe there is a market for those Clients who look for a personal service and that’s what we aim to provide- when you call or email with an enquiry- it’s us who will answer the phone, us who will attend the meeting and inevitably us who will design, build, and install your project, you will speak to the same two people throughout, we don’t employ Salesman or Sub contractors

Everything that we make is hand made to order and made to a specific size- there is a trend amongst bigger companies to outsource cabinetry from other suppliers and adapt a design to utilise these.   We believe ours is truly is a Custom-made business, if your space demands a specific sized cabinet then we will make it that specific size- this is surely the definition of bespoke- every project we build is completely unique

We are based on the banks of the Clyde in our Rutherglen based Workshop- as a small business we prefer to be candid with Clients about timescales- typically we have around four to six weeks of orders in hand at any one time

Please feel free to drop us a line and arrange a meeting- either of us will be delighted to meet you at your home, discuss your plans, suggest a few thoughts of our own and put together proposals for you- we don’t believe in high pressure sales- if you decide to go forward after meeting us that would of course be welcomed- if not it would still have been a pleasure to meet you

On a personal level- we are both hugely passionate about Cabinet Making and we aim always to reflect this in our work- I would say almost beyond passionate- we draw our inspiration from both that which Glasgow is greatly influenced- The Victorian Era but also the Art Nouveau, Arts and Crafts and of course- Rennie Mackintosh who gave so much to our City

Whatever style you decide is yours- you will find us hugely enthusiastic about what we do engaging and friendly.

Thank you for taking the time to have read through our story