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Gerry O’Donnell – Milngavie

Our project was at the request of Gerry O’Donnell who had decided to convert the attic of a first floor cottage flat. Gerry asked us to carry out various works including the install of a Velux “Cabrio” roof balcony, solid oak flooring throughout the conversion and the biggest challenge: a custom built flight of stairs. The access to the building was “through a close and up a stair” and therefore a standard stair could not be brought in. We built the stair off-site and brought it into the apartment in small sections before assembling it in-situ into the stairwell that we had created.

Our grateful thanks to the Architect on the project – James Munro, the structural Engineer Frank Ferns for his diligence and to Gerry for his faith, his patience and the occasional food parcels from Greggs.