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High School of Glasgow Project

We were honoured to be asked by the prestigious High School of Glasgow to design and build a new honours board for their Rugby club. The original board had been in place since 1870 and had run out of space. Our remit was to carefully take it down from its mount and design/build a new Oak platform that would accommodate both the original board and the new board.

With the larger of the two boards we built a replacement for beneath which mirrored the colour and grain of the 1870 board, we were fortunate to have a cutter which faithfully reproduced the moulded edge. With the Club Presidents board we adapted two originals and introduced a third to allow another twenty years, new cornice and aprons were fitted and the new board re-fixed.

Thanks so much to Keith from the High School for his patience; the project provided the year’s most stressful moment – taking down a piece of irreplaceable history – nervous moments!