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Marie Lawrie Project – Kelvinside

Marie’s request was simple – she asked us to design a cabinet which would mirror an original adjacent cabinet in her Kelvinside Flat. The concept was that it should look in keeping with the room and house her Mac book, printer and keyboard whilst managing to conceal it all in a period cabinet.

We built the cabinet with a hand carved Dentil rail and ornate cornice. We are fortunate to have the moulding cutter for the cornice in the workshop (salvaged from a plant sale a few years ago). The backing for the cabinet was done in original lining board (we have the cutter) and it featured a fixed shelf with a concealed pull out shelf for the keyboard. We finished the keyboard shelf with a traditional scoop front which folds back and away when not in use. The front was finished with traditional moulded architrave and base blocks.

A million thanks to Marie for beguiling us with her life stories over regular cups of tea and for the best biccy’s we have ever tasted. A very memorable project that we will cherish.