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Liam and Aileen’s Drink Cabinet

Liam and Aileen commissioned us to build a Display cabinet for them. Their house is a beautiful Edwardian Villa in Giffnock and we were asked to build a cabinet that would sit well in the Front Parlour. The room already had some darker timber and the new cabinet was to reflect this.

For the cabinet we specified Walnut which was stained to accentuate its natural grain. We rebated the shelves and the countertop to accept LED strip lighting which was designed to shine upwards through the bottles and create its own light show.  We managed the install in one day and I’m delighted to say in time for Christmas as promised.

Thanks so much to Aileen and Liam for allowing us to be involved we very much appreciate it.

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Ross and Kimberley’s Bookcase

This was a delight to build. We were asked by Ross and Kimberley to build a bookcase which would accentuate the height of the ceilings in their Lovely Victorian House. It had to provide storage for books, display for ornaments and accommodate the television.

The crowning feature of the cabinet was to be a Dentil cornice which sat atop the cabinet. It was to be substantial and a focal point designed to draw attention to the cabinet.

We built the cabinet in the Workshop and assembled it on site. The Dentil cornice was hand carved and mitred in the Workshop with just some minor trimming on site to accommodate the walls. We completed the Project with a sliding ladder in black as a contrast to the White painted cabinet.

All in all a very enjoyable project for two very nice people. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

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Katie and Andrew’s Snug

We were asked by Katie and Andrew to build a cabinet which would incorporate a set of passage doors and “frame” the opening between the kitchen and their “Snug”. The Cabinet had to rise up from two side opening cabinets at either side and was designed with ladder cabinets bridged by a long invisibly supported cabinet above.

The doors were to match the floor of the snug which had been laid in Merbau. We made the countertops of both side cabinets from Merbau also to match the floor. The rest of the cabinet was painted in Farrow and Ball “Strong White” which contrasted well with the Farrow and Ball Blue walls. We capped the project with a timber cornice which we machined in the Workshop.

A thoroughly enjoyable project although slightly challenging as there wasn’t enough room to manoeuvre the bridge cabinet into the room and it had to be built in the room and lifted into place. All fitted though.

Thanks so much to Andrew and Katie for the opportunity of this. We hope you are happy with the finished project.

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Euan and Lee’s Wardrobe

Euan and Lee approached us to help design a built in wardrobe for the Master bedroom in their fantastic Pollokshields House.  They both visualised a wardrobe which would sit well in a period room and of course provide lots of storage.

We designed and built a wardrobe in which the wardrobe doors mirrored the style of the room doors. Between the book-ended wardrobes we built in a set of six deep drawers which were capped with a deep Oak window cill. To complete the project we built a set of folding window shutters which were designed to mirror the style and the colour of the wardrobe doors.

The internals of the wardrobe were fitted out in lacquered Oak which provided a very nice contrast with the Farrow and Ball Green Blue paint of the doors and drawers which remarkably seems to change from Green to Blue depending on the light.

Thanks very much to Euan and Lee for appointing us to this project. It was thoroughly enjoyable and a pleasure to see the finished article.

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Angela and Angus’s Wardrobe

Angus and Angela asked us to build a very particular style of Wardrobe in their Period Giffnock House. It was to be designed around the style of their bed which had been built from a combination of Oak, Sapele and Walnut.

The Wardrobe doors were built using a Solid Oak frame which surrounded the Sapele slip panels. Of upmost importance was that all of the grain pattern in the panels should converge in a diagonal pattern towards the centre of the door.

The Centre point of the wardrobes was a dividing panel which we made from a Walnut centre bordered by Oak. We stained the Walnut down from its natural colour with a dye and the contrast with the Oak was quite something.

Internally we fitted the wardrobe out with sliding shoe racks, wire baskets and purpose made Sapele Drawers. Angus and Angela provided the finishing touches with their choice of handles.

Thanks very much to both Angus and Angela for appointing us to this project. It was certainly unique and we hope you are both happy with it.

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Angus and Claire’s Balcony

An unusual commission for us was a request for a balcony bar from Angus and Elaine for their trendy and awe-inspiring river front apartment. They wanted to utilise the balcony for eating out and entertaining – or just for having breakfast with a view.

We specified African Sapele for the bar which we machined to 35mm thick sections before gluing and clamping it all together in the Workshop. The bar featured a front apron again from Sapele and we fitted a 10mm toughened glass screen on stainless steel mounts at the front edge.

Thanks so much to Angus and Elaine- it was certainly a job with a view and a joy to work for such nice people.

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Elaine and Marks Wardrobe

Mark and Elaine approached us to help design a built in wardrobe for the Master bedroom in their fabulous Bearsden home.  They both visualised a wardrobe which would sit well in a period room and of course provide ample storage.

Drawing inspiration from the period room doors which led to the room and en-suite, we designed and built a built in wardrobe which featured partition walls at either end of it. Using the walls at either end allowed us to continue the high period skirting around the base and to frame the wardrobe cabinets with a period architrave – all of this added to the built in and original look of the wardrobe. To complete this we designed and built wardrobe doors which matched the rail sizes of the room doors.

The internals of the wardrobe were fitted out in lacquered Oak which provided a very nice contrast with the white doors. The partition walls at either end were plastered and painted with Farrow and Ball emulsion to match the colour of the room walls and to help it blend in.  Finally we capped the wardrobe with a moulded timber cornice which was painted white and added that “je ne sais quoi”.

Thanks very much to Elaine and Mark for appointing us to this project – it was thoroughly enjoyable and a delight to see the finished article.

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Adrian and Emma’s Alcove Cabinet

Emma and Adrian asked us to design and build a cabinet that would sit snugly in a recess on their fireplace wall; the cabinet had to provide storage beneath for DVD’s and to conceal their sky box. As the upper part of the cabinet had to provide a display for lamps and pictures we had a socket fitted within the lower part to accommodate this.

The cabinet was built from Birch plywood which we painted using an ever popular Farrow and Ball Wimborne white, the backing board to the cabinet featured a lining board which matched the adjacent bay window and we completed the project with a solid Oak top and period architrave.

Thanks so much to Adrian and Emma – it was such a pleasure to work for you both.

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Flora’s Bookcase and Media Unit

We were asked by Flora to come up with an idea that would primarily provide a base for her television and media units. She asked however that we dual purpose it with a bookcase which would avoid the cabinet looking incongruous with the sitting room in her Victorian flat.

Drawing inspiration from a fantastic fireplace in the room the cabinet was based around this with a moulded detail on its edge that reflected the fireplace. We designed the bookcase with two stub ends which we carried a skirting and projected desktop around. The cabinet was finished in Farrow and Ball Lime White which contrasted well with the Oak floor.

Thanks so much to Flora for her project.

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Neil and Marion’s Libraries

We were delighted to have been involved with building two very unusual projects for Neil and Marion, both respected academics they had amassed a very large book collection.

For the sitting room of their period house we designed and built a very unusual “saw tooth” library, which Neil had requested. For the library to fit in with the room we suggested building a framework with a partition wall either end.  We continued the room cornice across the framework and had the walls plastered and painted to look original whilst opposing wall lights built in to the framework gave the new wall some authenticity. For the library cabinets we used Southern Yellow Pine which was chosen to match the floor in the room, Southern Yellow is almost completely knot free and mellows with age to a warm golden colour.

In one of their upstairs rooms we built an unusual library, Marion had asked that the room was set aside as her sewing room with no bed to dominate the room. Working with their idea of a foldaway bed we designed cabinets around their system and the room now features a fabulous and much talked about library which slides aside and converts to a bed.

Thanks so much to Neil and Marion for asking us to be involved- it was a hugely enjoyable project.

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Craig and Fiona’s Wardrobes

Craig and Fiona approached us with a request to build in wardrobes that would accommodate the sloping cam ceilings in their beautiful Giffnock home. They needed both wardrobes for the main bedroom and also a nursery room.

Their remit for the project was that the wardrobes should have a contemporary look and feel and be as minimalist as possible; we suggested using Ash as a contrast for the internals of the wardrobes and white painted flat doors to provide the minimalist look. The main wardrobe was fitted with sliding glass doors one mirrored- the other pure white glass.

Thanks so much to Craig and Fiona – we hope you will enjoy them for years to come.

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High School of Glasgow Project

We were honoured to be asked by the prestigious High School of Glasgow to design and build a new honours board for their Rugby club. The original board had been in place since 1870 and had run out of space. Our remit was to carefully take it down from its mount and design/build a new Oak platform that would accommodate both the original board and the new board.

With the larger of the two boards we built a replacement for beneath which mirrored the colour and grain of the 1870 board, we were fortunate to have a cutter which faithfully reproduced the moulded edge. With the Club Presidents board we adapted two originals and introduced a third to allow another twenty years, new cornice and aprons were fitted and the new board re-fixed.

Thanks so much to Keith from the High School for his patience; the project provided the year’s most stressful moment – taking down a piece of irreplaceable history – nervous moments!

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Sarah and Scott’s Library

Seldom have we have we worked for anyone so enthused as Sarah, she was incredibly particular about her library and her feedback, ideas and enthusiasm for the project made it enjoyable.

Sarah and Scott have a very eclectic and varied collection of books and memorabilia which they needed a home for, she asked that we design and build a T shaped library which would span over the doors to the sitting room- much discussion later we agreed upon a design which provided taller storage to the bottom shelves and regular storage to the upper shelves.

For the timber we used Sapele which we stained down using a Walnut stain, the darker brown of the walnut helped to mask the natural red hue of the Sapele and the result was quite fantastic.

We capped the top of the library with a solid Sapele cornice which echoed the deep plaster cornice which runs around their beautiful Victorian flat.

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John McNaught Project

John contacted us to help solve a storage problem he had, a keen Golfer he had nowhere to store his clubs when he returned home.  His Victorian house in Dowanhill featured Walnut floors throughout the reception hall.  John was keen that we maintained the theme of this and importantly- that we closely matched the colour of the timber.

Working to a design supplied by John We manufactured a custom made cabinet from solid walnut which now houses his much loved clubs.  Alongside it we built a small set of adjacent drawers in a traditional style which stores his tees, shoes and golfing paraphernalia. To complete the project the Walnut was dyed and clear lacquered to accentuate the grain and natural warmth of the wood.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to build this, John was a thoroughly pleasant chap to work for- one of life’s Gentlemen who brought many a smile to our faces.

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Professor Graeme Thomson

We were asked by Professor Graeme Thomson to design and build a library which would utilise a cavernous and much under used alcove in his fabulous Dowanhill house, Graeme’s brief was that the library should continue the look of their period house, make advantage of the high Victorian ceilings and store their large collection of books.

To maintain the period theme we suggested Sapele for the library, Sapele is a close botanical cousin of Mahogany, it shares similar grain pattern, colour and has a beautiful reddish brown hue. We accentuated the colour with a very slightly tinted lacquer which was hand applied on site after the install was complete.

Grateful thanks to Graeme and Stephen for their patience whilst we slotted the jigsaw puzzle of library cabinets together and completed what was a very enjoyable project.

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Susan & Stewart

We were approached by Susan and Stewart to design and build an alcove cabinet to the parlour of their beautiful period house in Clarkston. As an all too familiar result of 1970,s modernisation the original cabinet had been removed and boarded over with plasterboard.  Historically the alcove would have housed a cabinet and Susan’s wish was that the cabinet should mirror as closely as possible an original cabinet- still in place in their master bedroom.

We designed, built and installed a traditional painted cabinet which features moulded architrave and an Oak desktop, the cabinet was finished in Farrow and Ball Wimborne white which has a very slightly yellowish tint to it and a nice period feel which sits well in their front Parlour.

Thanks ever so much to Susan and Stewart for their project and their further projects with us, they have provided us  an opportunity of restoring this small part of their house as historically accurately as we can. Two of the nicest people ever to work alongside- we thoroughly enjoyed our time there.

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Novotel Hotel – Glasgow

We were commissioned by the Novotel Hotel in Glasgow to design a small reception desk which would accommodate their new online check in facility. The cabinet was designed with a “scoop” at the back and had to fit snugly around a circular column in the reception area. It also had to exactly match the original reception desks.

We manufactured the cabinet, the drawers and the doors from Walnut veneered plywood which we had lacquered and polished by our good friend Mark Wilson. Mark also sprayed the outer part of the cabinet with Apricot White polyurethane paint to match the existing. We finished the install with small polished chrome handles and a laminated glass top.

Our grateful Thanks to Ronnie Jamieson the Boss at Novotel for his understanding when we called to say we were delayed and for concealing his surprise when the cabinet fitted the column. No matter how many times we measured that column Ronnie, there’s always that wee nagging doubt. Great relief when it fitted nice and snug – phew!!

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Marie Lawrie Project – Kelvinside

Marie’s request was simple – she asked us to design a cabinet which would mirror an original adjacent cabinet in her Kelvinside Flat. The concept was that it should look in keeping with the room and house her Mac book, printer and keyboard whilst managing to conceal it all in a period cabinet.

We built the cabinet with a hand carved Dentil rail and ornate cornice. We are fortunate to have the moulding cutter for the cornice in the workshop (salvaged from a plant sale a few years ago). The backing for the cabinet was done in original lining board (we have the cutter) and it featured a fixed shelf with a concealed pull out shelf for the keyboard. We finished the keyboard shelf with a traditional scoop front which folds back and away when not in use. The front was finished with traditional moulded architrave and base blocks.

A million thanks to Marie for beguiling us with her life stories over regular cups of tea and for the best biccy’s we have ever tasted. A very memorable project that we will cherish.

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Craig Walker Floor – Pollokshields

We were asked by Craig and his Wife Eileen to uplift the hall floor in their beautiful house in Pollokshields. Their hall is typical of leafy Pollokshields and is both substantial and very grand but it had suffered over the years from being lifted for rewiring and plumbing and was a mismatch of different timber species and patched in sections.

Craig’s brief was that the floor was lifted and that a reclaimed Pitch Pine floor, typical of Glasgow, was fitted in its place. The flooring which was sourced was over 100 years old and from a disused Mill in Lancashire. It arrived on site and typical of reclaimed flooring we had to carefully blend the different grains and colours but what was achieved was a nice mix and an absolutely beautiful colour.

The floor was completed with several coats of Polyurethane varnish and we renewed all of the skirting and base blocks to complete the project. Our grateful thanks to Craig for his unerring enthusiasm and attention to detail – both Craig and Eileen have been a joy to work for.

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Professor Jenkins – Glasgow Dowanhill

We were asked by Professor Alice Jenkins to design and build two bespoke cabinets for her lounge. Her Apartment is part of a curved Victorian terrace in Dowanhill and Alice had asked that the cabinets be built to suit the curvature of the room. Her brief was that the cabinets should bring together contemporary styling whilst sitting well in a Victorian setting. We discussed the cabinets at length with Alice and Catherine and they finally decided on storage beneath and bookshelves above all with a hand painted finish.

For the cabinets we used Marine plywood to provide a very strong base for the substantial bookshelves above, the doors to the cabinets were made from Southern Yellow Pine and are all mortise and tenon jointed with the reveal detail being moulded into the stiles and rails, the doors once painted were finished with off-white porcelain handles.

For the desktop we suggested to Alice that we source and use reclaimed timber. We managed to source some reclaimed Indonesian Teak flooring which was salvaged from a Solicitors office in Edinburgh and is approximately 120 years old, we planed the flooring in the workshop to remove all the wear and heel marks and then bonded it together to form a desktop. Once complete it was finished with shellac and French polish to reveal some absolutely beautiful Red and Copper tones which contrasted well with the Jasmine White of the cabinets.

For the bookshelves we thought to keep the design simple and without any supports so adopted to use 33mm section timber, the bookshelves were framed with fluted columns around the perimeter and we fitted corbel blocks with hand carved rosettes at all four corners.

Many thanks to Alice and Catherine for their patience whilst we brought this project together in the workshop and for their sympathy as we showed our age when bringing the cabinets upstairs. Next time we will use a delivery firm!

Many thanks also to Wilson and Calderwood of Glasgow who hand painted the cabinets.

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Dr Aspray / Dr Combet – Glasgow West End

This project was requested by our client Dr Tom Aspray and his wife Dr Emilie Combet.

Tom and Emilie had asked us to rebuild a bay window to the kitchen of their West end apartment and to install continuous Oak worktops. Although they were in very poor condition, we were able to use the original window panels as templates and carefully rebuilt replica panels in the workshop from Southern yellow Pine. We fabricated a framework to support the panels and also to conceal some water services which could not be moved, the bay window was framed by a stepped architrave which we moulded in the workshop from an original 1900 design.

Many thanks to Tom and Emilie for the opportunity of restoring the window, it has been a very enjoyable project.

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Gerry and Leonie O’Connor – Whitecraigs

Gerry and Leonie commissioned us to renovate the joinery in their 1930’s Art Deco house in Whitecraigs.

The house had seen some “fashionable changes” throughout the 70’s and 80’s and Leonie had asked in her remit that the house should be restored sympathetically. She planned to achieve a fusion of 1930’s Art Deco with modern influences. To do this she chose Oak panel doors with an inlaid geometric design, the staircase was completely renewed in European Oak and doors were manufactured at the top of the stairs to complement the room doors. In the guest bedroom we designed and fitted white glass and mirror wardrobes with Oak internals.

It has been such a pleasure to carry out this renovation, many thanks to Leonie and Gerry for the opportunity.

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Dr Keith Beard

This project was requested by our Client Dr Keith Beard. His brief was to design a bespoke Oak desk, workstation and open fronted storage.

To embellish it we introduced painted and lacquered end panels, the wall cabinets were designed with a strengthened backing board which allowed us to discreetly anchor through and achieve the “floating” cabinet that Keith had requested.

We laminated the desktop from 40mm American black Oak, Ken built the majority of the work off site in our workshop and I completed the install on site.

The spraying was carried out by Mark and John from Wilson and Calderwood Glasgow who we can highly recommend.

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Professor Uttamlal – Glasgow South Side

Professor Uttamlal asked us to undertake almost a complete refurbishment of all joinery in his turn of the century South side apartment.

There had been considerable “architectural” damage done in the 1970’s and Mahesh had asked us to try and restore the apartment to its former condition. This involved removing damaged bay windows and the panelling around them, redesigning cupboards and storage and refitting all skirting and architrave. We were able to source a replica of the original skirting and architrave and we are fortunate in having a moulder in our workshop which is almost 100 years old (and still works well): with the moulder we were able to run authentic ogee and ball lining board which was used extensively throughout the renovation.

hroughout the project we used – to a greater degree – Southern Yellow pine which although expensive, is almost completely knot-free and suited Mahesh’s requirements of allowing the timber to age naturally before waxing it.

Our grateful thanks to Mahesh for his input into the design, his unerring dedication to authenticity and for affording us the opportunity of restoring the apartment to its former glory.

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Nike Golf

Our Clients Nike Golf asked Ken and I to design a bespoke display for their latest Nike Golf range in Auchterlonies Golf shop St Andrews. We suggested and designed a display which featured High gloss white Slat wall with polished chrome inserts framed by American Black walnut headers and footers.

The restrictions of the shop remaining open whilst we worked and some very limited working space did not prevent us from bringing the project to completion in one weekend as planned.

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Dr Colin Innes – Paisley

This project was requested by our Client, Dr Colin Innes who was renovating the lounge of his house. We were asked to design and build an Oak cabinet which would fit into an under-used recess in the room. We designed the cabinet to suit Colin and Grace’s collection of porcelain and built it in our workshop integrating ten small and very discreet low voltage lights into the fabric of the cabinet to highlight the figurines.

Our grateful thanks to Colin and Grace for the opportunity of bringing their project to fruition.

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Mallon Project – Bridge of Allan

Our project was for Ricky and Betty Mallon who asked us to change “everything” joinery throughout their house. We were asked to renew all doors, frames, skirting and architrave throughout and also to fit new Oak wardrobes.

Several of the doors were non standard sizes and we manufactured these in the workshop as a direct copy of the doors that Ricky had ordered, we also removed an old 1980’s ranch style pine stair and fitted a custom made Oak staircase in its place.

Betty’s undying enthusiasm and delight at every new stage and Ricky’s good humour made it a project to remember, Betty we are happy to say you finally have a “grown up” house as requested.

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Gerry O’Donnell – Milngavie

Our project was at the request of Gerry O’Donnell who had decided to convert the attic of a first floor cottage flat. Gerry asked us to carry out various works including the install of a Velux “Cabrio” roof balcony, solid oak flooring throughout the conversion and the biggest challenge: a custom built flight of stairs. The access to the building was “through a close and up a stair” and therefore a standard stair could not be brought in. We built the stair off-site and brought it into the apartment in small sections before assembling it in-situ into the stairwell that we had created.

Our grateful thanks to the Architect on the project – James Munro, the structural Engineer Frank Ferns for his diligence and to Gerry for his faith, his patience and the occasional food parcels from Greggs.

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Luggage Point – Glasgow Airport

This project was requested by our Clients “Luggage point” who decided to expand their business into Glasgow Airport.

Carole and Gerard, the Directors of Luggage point asked us to design and provide a bespoke shopfit which could utilise the unused British Airways shop adjacent to the main check-in desk. We suggested a theme of American white oak and brushed aluminium for the main desk with white high gloss cabinets and burgundy veneers to the desk top.

The Airports site manager John Stark worked alongside us to ensure that their very high standards of safety and certification of all materials were achieved. Critical to the project was ensuring that all materials met with fire-proofing and safety standards. We successfully completed the fit out and have since been asked to tender for future projects that our Clients are considering.

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