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Sarah and Scott’s Library

Seldom have we have we worked for anyone so enthused as Sarah, she was incredibly particular about her library and her feedback, ideas and enthusiasm for the project made it enjoyable.

Sarah and Scott have a very eclectic and varied collection of books and memorabilia which they needed a home for, she asked that we design and build a T shaped library which would span over the doors to the sitting room- much discussion later we agreed upon a design which provided taller storage to the bottom shelves and regular storage to the upper shelves.

For the timber we used Sapele which we stained down using a Walnut stain, the darker brown of the walnut helped to mask the natural red hue of the Sapele and the result was quite fantastic.

We capped the top of the library with a solid Sapele cornice which echoed the deep plaster cornice which runs around their beautiful Victorian flat.